Working with you, we:

Our work values ensure, we:


Co-create solutions with stakeholders

Engage the whole system in dialogue

Act as an expert when appropriate

Transfer capability to your teams

Focus on your issues

Always serve you and add value

Provoke your thinking

Deliver lasting benefits




“Objective, flexible approach. Well-defined tools and techniques. Tools simple to use. Makes sense. Does what it’s meant to. ”

Operations Director, Manufacturing Corporation


“I don’t know of any other consultants who do what Tricordant do. The main workshop was just right and the recommendations spot on.”

Chris McAllister, then Head of Learning Resources, Blackpool and the Fylde College

Local Government

“Tricordant engaged members of the Board individually and collectively enabling us to explore different aspirations and agree on a shared agenda.”

Clare Hardy, Senior Manager Health and Wellbeing Board, Essex County Council

Not – for – Profit

“I was impressed by your team and particularly by the richness of your collective related work and knowledge and also with the extent of the experience.”

Eric Mull, Manager, Operations, ChildFund International


The Tricordant team created a subtle balance between focussed, rigorous group activity and deeply reflective thinking time. Rare are the days when I feel I have been so productive, yet I leave the workshop feeling as refreshed and energised as I have today. The Tricordant team are superb facilitators. Thank you.

Executive Head Teacher, Schoolsworks Multi- Academy Trust


“Thanks for a superb report! You have a real gift for clarity of expression and the thoughtful application of (whole system) principles shines through.”

Dr Robin Youngson, Hospital Clinical leader

Sharing Our Thoughts

The Tricordant Difference

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