Over the years we have done some really interesting work so don’t be put off by the dates on the papers; most of the principles are still very valid today and we constantly refer back and learn from things of the past as well as incorporating the now and the new.

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Workshops and Masterclasses

Organisation Design Workshop

Case Studies and Brochures

Structured Networks

Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health Collaborative

Crisis Response Service Pilot Implementation and Change Management

Essex Older People’s Services Joint Commissioning Review

Jobcentre Plus – Talent Engagement – Article reproduced with kind permission of Osney Media

Acute Hospital Theatres Case Study

Organisational Alignment and Integration in Merger and Acquisitions

Global IT Support Service

Structuring a Charity for Future Growth

Service Company Debt Collection

Memory Lane Cakes

Stockport Contraception and Sexual Health Services

Stockport Orthotic Services

Tameside and Glossop Wheelchair Service

Developing the NHS National Technology Adoption Hub

Warrington PCT Orthopaedic Services

Tameside and Glossop Podiatry Service

Tameside and Glossop Intermediate Care

Tameside and Glossop Dietetics

Tameside and Glossop Transfer Services

Blackpool and The Fylde College

Flagship Training: FM Services for the Royal Navy

Tameside Regional Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership – Substance Misuse Services

Tomorrow’s Workforce

Getting the Intended Benefits from Outsourcing

Papers and Think Pieces

A Tricordant Approach to Education

Clinical Networks

Not Invented Here – the Application of Industrial Improvement Approaches in the NHS

Productivity in the NHS – The Whole Story?

Tricordant Supply Chains

Future Competitiveness for the Service Sector and Call Centres

International Manufacturing Networks

Healthy Work for Whole People

Performance Improvement in Complex Healthcare Services

The Challenge of Organisational Design for New PCTs

Is A Part Of Your Business ‘Unwell’?

A Whole System Approach to Self-managed Teams

Getting Better at Getting Better – How Can We Embed Innovation in NHS Trusts

Innovation By Design – Exploring Innovation for Complex, Networked Organisations

Services for Older People


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