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Commercial and IndustrialTricordant enables commercial and industrial businesses to transform their organisation. We help you to sustainably manage the tension when being pulled in different directions by your customers, by staff and by shareholders.

Our approach is based on many years of reflection, our personal leadership of previous significant organisations, our history and consulting experience. This approach centres on our unique Tricord™ model. It describes all aspects of an organisation that need to be aligned for the whole to be healthy – identity, strategy, systems and culture.

We take a deliberately facilitative approach. We will co-create the solutions with your staff. We know how to engage your staff appropriately at different levels, including through large-scale, facilitated events.

All this enables you to rebuild your organisation with ‘whole work teams’; purpose-focused, continuously-improving, human-scale teams that are well-led, inspired and fulfilling places to work.

“Objective, flexible approach. Well-defined tools and techniques. Tools simple to use. Makes sense.  Does what it’s meant to.”

Operations Director, Manufacturing Corporation

Example Clients

  • G4S
  • Flagship Training
  • VT Education and Skills

  • ScottishPower
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Memory Lane Cakes

  • GSK
  • Invensys Rail
  • Babcock

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