Health and Social Care

Health and Social CareThe Better Care Fund has placed partnership working at the very heart of health and social care policy in England.

The reality of real money moving around the system has given the policy teeth, and given Health and Wellbeing Boards the tools to move beyond the talking shop phase of their existence.

We have been working on the integration agenda with service users, health and social care practitioners and leaders, and community and voluntary services since 2009. So our approach is based on years of experience and has benefitted hugely from the insight and skill of stakeholders in the field.

Our approach centres on the unique Tricord™ model. It describes all aspects of an organisation that need to be aligned for the whole to be healthy.: identity, strategy, systems and culture.
We co-create the solutions with stakeholders. We know how to engage them appropriately at different levels, including through large and small-scale, facilitated events.
All this enables you to construct your strategies and plans around the people you serve, co-designed by your greatest asset – your staff .

Specialty Areas

  • Person-Centred Integration of Health and Social Care
  • Services for Older People
  • Intermediate Care

  • Delayed Transfers of Care
  • Planned and Unplanned Care
  • Service Reviews

  • Strategic Service Analysis
  • Commissioning Strategy and Service Specification
  • Public Health

More on Our Approach

Person-Centred Health and Care Pathway

Integration of services is the Holy Grail for the NHS and Local Authorities where they have common service users and populations.

We believe passionately that the single most important organising principle for integration is the individual citizen. It is their experience of public services as integrated (or not) that really counts.

Our pathway model is the basic building block to analyse and redesign the health and care system. It builds on the experience of working with health and social care economies about their ‘wicked problems’. We have used our unique concept of Significant Events with service users and professionals to co-design a lean and simple person-centred pathway that captures the key points where professional support or intervention may be required.

The six stages start with the equilibrium of stable health, moving through to end of life care. Each of the stages is currently delivered in a wide variety of different settings. Resources in both health and social care are increasingly being targeted at stage 0, but rarely in a coordinated way. For each stage services need to be commissioned and delivered in a joined-up way.

The bigger picture is not just partnership between health and social care, but also with local authority housing, leisure and education services as well as the police, backed by the social capital in the voluntary and faith sectors.

The pathway enables service redesign at both micro and macro-levels; it is underpinned by evidence-based practice, an investment/benefits matrix to facilitate partnerships, systems mapping tools and impact modelling tools.

ApproachHealth and Social Care

Related Areas

Analysis and Modelling
Investment and Benefits Matrix
Systems Mapping
Evidence-based Practice

Example Clients

CCGs in Essex
Essex County Council
NHS Suffolk and CCGs

Suffolk County Council
Homerton NHS Foundation Trust
St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

Greater Manchester PCTs and Local Authorities
North Bristol NHS Trust
London Borough of Hackney