Complex Organisations

We work with complex organisations, partnerships and networks across a wide range of sectors.

Organisations increasingly have to deal with complexity. They have to deal with a global, inter-related world, full of contradictions and fast-emerging changes.

Many of our clients are no longer independent organisations, but rather work within complex networks of partner organisations with shared governance.

We think of such complex, networked organisations as living systems. We help them to become more ‘whole and healthy’.

We use the Tricord™ as our base model to understand the complexity and then we use the Tricordant approach to work with clients as whole systems.

We’ve enabled a multi-service organisation employing over 2500 staff to transform itself. We’ve also enabled for example regional partnerships in health and social care across 12 district councils, 5 PCTs, 5 hospital trusts and 10 other care providers.

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