As part of our passion for whole and healthy organisations we help clients improve individual and organisational performance through a broad range of coaching techniques and tools supported by a number of skilled and experienced coaches.

We recognise that all companies, whether large or small, have the same common resource …people. It is each individual and the teams they form that make the organisation world-class. Companies may have the greatest ideas, services or products, but critically the way to achieving world-class performance is in both creating the optimum organisational structure and releasing the potential of each individual within the organisation.

Now, more than ever, successful businesses recognise the need to develop their identity and culture as well as the more visible systems and processes of day-today business.

Companies that nurture and develop their employees and make management development a strategic priority not only outperform their competition but also attract and retain the best talent.

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Some interesting facts on Coaching:

  • 88% of companies who used coaching increased productivity, compared to a 22% change from those who received formal training alone (IPMA)
  • 30% of SMEs are now using corporate coaches. In 2005 92% of financial services organisations responding to a survey reported that coaching was used as a mainstream development intervention CIM)

A study of Fortune 1000 companies revealed that:

  • 39% reported improvements in customer service
  • 32% reported improved retention of senior people
  • 77% reported improved relationships with people who report to them
  • 71% had improved relationships with their boss
  • 67% reported improved teamworking
  • 52% experienced improved conflict resolution
  • 37% found improvements in working relationships with clients
  • Commercial organisations monitor value for money very closely and their increasing use of Corporate and Executive Coaching as a development process is significant.