Distributed Leadership Model

Skilled leadership is vital to success – as studies such as Good to Great (Collins) and Great by Choice (Collins and Hansen) show. However, no single individual has all the strengths required to lead an organisation yet leaders tend to act as if they have to be everything to everyone (‘In Praise of the Incomplete Leader’, HBR). The result is high turnover of CEOs (often less than 2 years) and frequent changes in organisational direction, leading to organisational instability and poor performance.

The best leaders know they are incomplete and cannot be everything to everyone.

We offer key insights for leadership development:

  • Skilled leadership is vital to success.
  • No single leader has all the required talents.
  • Reliance on a single leader builds inherent instability.
  • A leadership team needs wide breadth of leadership roles.

A critical role of leadership is to align the organisation to the market need.

Our Insights

The answer is an integrated leadership team combining strengths in organisational identity, strategy, systems and culture.

This is achieved through the following insights:

  • The leadership needs breadth of strengths across identity, strategy, systems and culture.

  • Leadership needs to create alignment of organisation to external market/need.

  • A leadership team needs an integrator that has the ability to draw together the diverse strengths of a leadership team.

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In Praise of the Incomplete Leader

We believe leadership is fundamental to the health, wholeness and sustainability of all levels of any organisation. Our Distributed Leadership model fully integrates the essential roles for great leadership teams built around level 5 leaders.

Corporate and individual benefits:


  • Leading the organisation for market success
  • Continuity of leadership and learning through changes in leadership
  • Improved leadership team work and collaboration
  • Reduced leadership churn.


  • Avoiding stress and burnout
  • Playing to their strengths
  • Maximising personal effectiveness.