Organisation Development

“OD is about building and maintaining the health of the organisation as a total system” Ed Schein*

Organisations of all sizes and types are having to anticipate and respond faster than ever to changes in today’s unpredictable and fast-changing world. This continuous external adaptation drives the need for a corresponding internal integration, according to Ed Schein. Maintaining alignment and integration around the core purpose and identity of all aspects of an organisation is a key challenge for leaders.

Tricordant has extensive experience of supporting leaders and organisations to identify and address a range of complex issues including:

  • Helping leaders understand the strategic drivers and context within which OD works.
  • Developing shared understanding of the organisation’s health through whole systems thinking centered on our unique Tricord™ model, blended with other theoretical approaches where appropriate.
  • Engaging and empowering people in the discovery, design and planning of change. The evidence shows engagement unlocks discretionary effort. People support what they help create.
  • Equipping leaders and teams with a range of insights and tools, such as ‘polarity thinking,’ to support and embed learning and change. This helps change old patterns of thinking and behavior. It gives new language and frameworks to sustain improvement.
  • Focusing on the task. Underlying organisational issues are often best addressed through a focus on the core task – what might be labelled as the ‘real work.’ Using OD to uncover and work with the underlying processes, thinking patterns and behaviours to find better ways to get the work done is very powerful.
  • Delivering results: at the end of the day we are all judged on the difference we make. The evidence shows that combining OD expertise and experience of using values-based group and human dynamic processes from applied behavioural science with leaders’ passion for improvement produces results – healthier and more productive organisations.

Just as the challenges facing organisations requires continuous adaptive learning and change, so we recognise that as consultants we need to continuously develop and extend our practice. We do this through formal learning, reflective practice and partnering with acknowledged leading OD practitioners.

Our professional development, training and teaching includes European Organisation Design Forum (EODF), the Organisation Development Network Europe (ODNE), the NTL Institute, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Institute of Psychosynthesis  and Brunel University Business School.

* Edgar Schein, a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, made a notable mark on the field of Organisation Development in many areas including career development, group process consultation and organisational culture.

Example Projects

Our wide experience includes facilitation, large group interventions, setting up and running action learning sets, board and team development, team and individual coaching, culture change, mergers and acquisitions, managing change, organisation design, workforce development, mediation and conflict management, and leadership development.

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