Partnership Development

Practically all work nowadays requires partnership or collaboration of some sort. The days of vertical integration are long gone in commerce and industry, and they are rapidly disappearing in public services and government.

Easy to say but hard to do – collaboration is tough work and not for the faint-hearted! Partnerships are not machines – they are human systems.

We facilitate the development of partnerships around  their core purpose – what can partners achieve together that is beyond their individual  reach?

We help partnerships find their sweet spots for collaboration, respecting the unique differences each  partner brings to the whole. We help partnerships construct a new identity and culture that is built on the strengths of all the partners  not the imposition of one over the rest.

“The Tricordant team was able to work with a wide and disparate range of stakeholders to develop a powerful understanding of the adoption of innovative technologies in the NHS. They developed practical insights into how to effectively influence this very complex system.”

Dr. Maire Smith, then Director of Technology and Product Innovation, NHS Institute 

Example Partnerships