Rapid Improvement Events


Over the years we have developed these high-energy, focused events. They engage service providers, customers and key stakeholders. Key issues are explored and solutions co-designed.

Key Characteristics

  • The whole system comes together in one room. All parties who own parts of the system are identified and invited to meet and to work with each other. Through the process they come to understand their inter-dependence. Teams are built.
  • The teams are supported by experienced external facilitators who can bring a deep experience of applying whole systems and lean principles. Teams are well-equipped and supported.
  • The teams are taught the principles to unpick and solve inherently complex, multi-faceted, non-linear, systems problems. They are equipped with the tools to apply to their system. Novel, holistic solutions are found.
  • Rapid Improvement Events have a high profile and senior stakeholders are encouraged to back the process and empower the nominated team to act. Things get done.
  • The deliberately tight timescales of the event create focus and a sense of urgency. They take only a few days or weeks. Things get done quickly.
  • Local organisation improvement leaders can learn about whole system rapid improvement principles and the approach by co-working with us. The approach is transferable.

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