Tricordant has considerable experience of leading, advising and supporting strategic development and futures thinking within and between partner organisations. This includes strategic reviews: of multinational organisations; of systems covering all services for populations over 2 million in health and social care; and of individual local services within an organisation.

We go beyond just designing and developing strategy or developing interesting future kaleidoscopes, we also ensure a practical benefits driven approach to implementation.

Core benefits include:
• An enhanced ability to interpret change and propose responses.
• Reducing uncertainty for the organisation.
• Increased capacity for organisational learning and influencing others.
• Development of robust strategies which are able to cope with alternative future scenarios.
• Transmission of management ideas throughout the organisation.
• Creating a common language and set of concepts which can help align and mobilise organisations to prepare for and embrace change.
• Evaluating potential innovations and challenging R&D.

Scenario Planning:
We use a range traditional and innovative strategy development tools and methods depending on the client brief. One powerful method which Tricordant uses is Scenario Planning. Scenario planning is a disciplined process for imagining possible futures so that organisations can make informed decisions today by understanding how these choices might turn out tomorrow. We take our clients through a three stage structured process:
• Stage 1: Using a SPECTRE framework (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Competitive, Regulatory & Environmental) to identify the ‘uncertainty factors’ and key trends that may affect their organisation in the future.
• Stage 2: These uncertainty factors and trends are then prioritised and combined into plausible scenarios.
• Stage 3: The final stage of the process uses the scenarios to test and develop strategies, applying our Tricordant strategic development models.

“This is the second time I have used Tricordant and feel that the brief given was what was delivered but also the company team provided the necessary flexibility to meet local needs when they were not planned or anticipated.”

Christine Greenough, then Joint Strategic Commissioning Manager, Tameside & Glossop PCT

Recent Client Work

Commercial – Invensys Rail


Government – Whole Essex Community Budgets


Not for Profit – Structuring a charity

Client Work Overview

Example Projects

Essex and Suffolk: Development of joint commissioning approach to older people’s services across health and social care.
Salford PCT: Development of a commissioning vision for Long Term Conditions.
Specialist Hospital FT: Market and competitor analysis and facilitation support to strategy review.
Neighbouring Acute Trusts: Facilitation of clinical collaboration.


Hertfordshire PCTs: Review of Acute Services.
Surrey and Sussex SHA: High-level review of acute hospital configuration options for Sussex in line with the National Leadership Network’s report on future hospital models.
Essex Clinical Services Review: Leading to the establishment of clinical networks in Vascular Surgery, Head and Neck Services and Neurosciences.
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire SHA: Investing in Your Health – large whole system strategic reconfiguration.

Related Areas of Work