Workforce Planning


The Challenge

Our clients face increasingly complex challenges: the ways that services are commissioned and organisations use their people, changing expectations of their people, and increasing financial pressures.

The methods currently used to manage health and social care workforces are becoming less relevant as services are increasingly delivered through partnership arrangements with local authorities, private sector and voluntary organisations.

What do we do?
We work to develop our client’s strategic workforce planning capability, so that their people capabilities match those needed to deliver services, cost effectively.

How do we do it?
We focus on six key themes: Strategy, Analysis, Synthesis, Business Change, Taking Stock and Workforce Intelligence. We take the best of current practice and apply our principles of Whole Systems Thinking, Whole and Healthy organisations and Managing Change.

We start by collaboratively assessing your current capabilities across each of the key themes. We help you to develop your vision for strategic workforce planning and to define how you will achieve it. We will stay alongside you to implement change, and periodically check the health of your system.

What are the benefits for our clients?
From this structured, whole systems approach, our clients:

  • Get the right people, with the right capability, in the right place and time.
  • Know better their organisational capability and agility.
  • Know what drives workforce costs and be more agile financially.
  • Have improved governance with key decisions owned at Board level.
  • Have better motivated staff with confidence in an effective planning system.

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