Facilitative Approach

Tricordant’s approach is highly facilitative. We will always seek to…

  • work with you to clarify your transformation needs
  • co-design the change process with you, bringing our approach, tools and experience
  • engage stakeholders appropriately at different levels
  • teach you to transform yourselves, co-creating the solutions with your staff
  • offer our particular expertise in large-scale, facilitated events
  • support you along the change journey and stay on hand until it’s implemented and working
  • leave the approach and tools with you, embedding internal skills and capability for future use.

More on Our Approach

Large-scale Facilitated Events

We have facilitated hundreds of transformation workshops over the years.

These can range from 10 to 200 people and from half-day to multi-day events. We carefully design highly participative, energised workshops which are focused on transformational outcomes whilst being energising and fun.

Tricordant Workshops

  • The ‘whole system’ comes together in one room. Teams are built.
  • The teams are supported by experienced external facilitators. Teams are well equipped and supported.
  • People are taught the principles to unpick and solve inherently complex, systems problems. Novel, holistic solutions are found.
  • High profile, senior stakeholders are encouraged to back the process and empower the team to act. Things get done.
  • Deliberately tight timescales bring focus and a sense of urgency. Things get done quickly.
  • Local change leaders can learn about the approach. The approach is transferable.

“We needed a rapid way to do a thorough review of our Wheelchair Service, ensuring it became a lean, effective ‘whole system’. The approach got people working together to make real changes. We came up with a business plan confirming the need for new premises, taking eventually more than £50,000 of cost out per year. A real win-win all round!”

John Schooling, Associate Director, Tameside & Glossop PCT

Engaging Stakeholders

The outcomes of our projects can affect sometimes thousands of people, all needing to be engaged appropriately. Effective engagement is central to the way we work. We use a variety of approaches depending on the depth and type of information required, the importance of the stakeholder to the aims and the number of stakeholders within a group.

Examples of the ways in which we engage stakeholders:

  • In-depth stakeholder interviews – With stakeholders who have in-depth information and who have important influence on the outcome, we use partially scripted interviews that are written up and analysed after the event.
  • Focus groups – To explore key issues with an informed cross-section of the key stakeholders involved in a given area we use focus groups with 5 to 25 invitees. These can be used to collect a clear, cross-sectional picture of the current state and to test ideas for future improvements.
  • Surveys – For a broader group of stakeholders where we need to build up a wider picture quickly, we can use online or paper-based surveys to gain a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data pertinent to the situation. We also develop bespoke surveys to test change readiness and change progress. These act as checkpoints in the change process.
  • Workshops – Our workshops may vary in scale from small group, (e.g. 6-10 people from a single organisational team or just the senior managers from key partners) to large group, (e.g. over 100 people from multiple organisations, partners and stakeholder groups). We have developed particular skills and excellent expertise in large-scale, facilitated events.

The Tricordant Approach

Our approach has developed through gathering a body of transformation expertise in organisation design and development.

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The Tricord™

The Tricord describes the aspects of an organisation that need to be aligned and in balance around the central core for the whole to be healthy.

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