Tricordant Storyboard

The Tricordant team is passionate about transforming workplaces: making them whole, healthy, productive and enjoyable places to work. Our purpose is to act as a catalyst to enable organisations to transform themselves from within and fulfil their purpose and potential. This is so that their business, employees and communities can be freed to be fruitful.

Our clients are complex organisations across all sectors. We want to help ‘champions'; those people in organisations wanting to inspire change and looking to be equipped and enabled to do so. The barrier to our work is the enemy within individuals and organisations that prevents “whole working”. We think here of things such as systems, structures and attitudes that repress human potential; greed where money, pride and power are sought; reductionist attitudes to change and of course waste.

To support us in this we call upon our varied experience, the thought-leadership across many areas of study and current best practice across the sectors in which we work.

We have put our passion into a series of images and phrases that we call The Tricordant Storyboard, as shown below:

The Tricordant Storyboard

Whole work is central to our thinking and we define it as work, which at the same time:

  • is highly efficient and effective in achieving its purpose and serving customer needs
  • is healthy, satisfying, motivational and developmental for individuals and groups
  • is environmentally sustainable and of benefit to the local community
  • can also contribute to individuals’ and organisations’ development and transformation.