Screw        We never have supplied fixings with any of our products.” Well, you wouldn’t with traditional vacuum cleaners, would you?

Recently my 82 year old mother-in-law fell down stairs carrying her vacuum cleaner, and a pile of books! Thankfully she ended up with little more than a few bruises and a huge sense of foolishness. The vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, went the way of all seriously damaged appliances.

Being quite a modern 80 something year old she searched for vacuum cleaners on her iPad when my wife and I were called in for a shopping trip since it was essential to feel the weight.

The outcome was buying one of the latest state of the art digital cleaners made by the famous British inventor of all things vacuum. Very light, very practical; exactly right.

She lives 100 miles away from us and I didn’t have any tools with me but felt sure that such a great (and expensive) piece of kit would have all the fixings and I would just need some basic tools which I knew she had in her house. But, on opening the box, no fixings!

Not a big issue since I soon found wall plugs and screws; however a great sense of disappointment. A top end product fitted with basic screws that could have damaged the wall plate and which are visible when the cleaner is dismounted. What would it take to supply two quality screws that wouldn’t damage the unit and two nice coloured plugs to cover the hole. Not much, I thought.

I’m not having a rant about a particular vacuum cleaner manufacturer, instead it made me think about the times when any organisation can develop new products, systems, services or whatever but forget to review some of the basic processes. Even remembering to review and learn from feedback rather than just being dismissive.

The cost of two screws, almost nothing; but to me I now have just that little seed of doubt about that manufacturer and what else they may have forgotten. So the true cost; reduction in consumer trust. On a large scale much more valuable than two screws.

Hopefully this has made you think about your processes no matter what kind of business or organisation you are in.  If we at Tricordant can help in anyway please get in touch.