Whole Work Teams

Whole work teams are the basic building-block of a healthy working environment. They require people to bring their whole selves to work, contributing mentally, physically and emotionally.

The Tricordant approach enables you to simplify your complex organisation into being a structured network of such whole work teams. All this leads to building an organisation on whole work which is efficient and effective, whilst also being meaningful, satisfying and challenging.

What are whole work teams like?

Whole work teams have a clear identity and core purpose focused around delivering a unique, significant outcome (what we call a ‘significant event’). Performance measures will be sensible and focused on efficiently delivering that core purpose and each team member should be able to contribute significantly to the delivery of that core purpose. The team will have the responsibility to locally plan their work, to learn from delivering it and to continuously improve. The team size will be appropriate given the complexity and stability of its work and they will have clear leadership aligning and coordinating the team within the wider organisation. It will have an inspiring culture.

Whole work is work which is, at the same time:

  • highly efficient and effective in achieving its purpose and serving customer needs

  • meaningful, satisfying and challenging

  • environmentally sustainable and of benefit to the local community

  • contributing to the individual’s and organisation’s development and transformation.

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