At Tricordant we pride ourselves on our levels of service. Our team are experienced consultants with an impressive background in leadership and organisational development. Our hard work and consistent growth is evidenced by the rich heritage of our brand story.

The Beginning of Tricordant

Established in 2005, Tricordant’s aim was to develop a new whole systems approach to organisation development. By bringing together identity, strategy, systems and culture we were able to develop our unique Tricord™ model that creates a powerful insight into organisations and workplaces. When creating our Tricord™ model and organisational approach we drew inspiration from a variety of different places including open systems, socio-technical systems, organisational behaviour, leadership, group dynamics, learning organisations, strategic management and biblical wisdom. Our approach blended historic and contemporary insights.

Our Inspiration and Influences

Tricordant’s approach has been influenced by key figures including the likes of Peter Senge, Christian Schumacher, Marvin Weisbord, Ed Schein and Kurt Lewin. We continue to be influenced by them and many others such as Jim Collins, Melanie Klein, Mee-Yan Cheung Judge, Dan Jones, Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Dick and Emily Axelrod, Glenda Eoyang, Jay Galbraith, Arie de Geus, Patrick Lencioni, Naomi Stanford, Andrew Campbell, Barbara Bunker and Billie Alban. However, our inspiration and influences don’t stop there.

Today, we invest time monitoring the latest relevant trends in thinking and theories. We consistently invest in training and development for our team; keeping up-to-date with key theories and approaches, such as the application of social neuroscience, as well as developing our skills. This is focused on how we can better understand and help our clients, no matter what sector.

Nevertheless, most of our learning comes from our clients themselves. By working with an impressive array of people, teams and brands over the years, we have amassed a wealth of expertise to address any organisational and system challenges.


Understanding Tricordant Today

As an industry-leader, Tricordant is involved in a number of different organisations and groups. We are a founding  sponsor of the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF), with one of our Directors sitting as the current Chair, and we are a founding sponsor of the Organisation Design Network Europe (ODNE). This allows us to be fully involved in the Organisation Development and Design industry. Tricordant is also involved in a range of academic networks such as NTL, Brunel and Edinburgh Napier Universities; including faculty representation.

Thank you very much for your passion, energy and enthusiasm for our internal Organisation Development Masterclass. You inspired our delegates to think very differently about organisation design and gave them new and innovative tools to choose from and use with their internal clients. The feedback from the delegates at the end of the programme speaks for itself! Thank you

Head of OD, Global Pharma

Our Values and Ethos

So much of our work with clients is about changing behaviours, organisational climate and culture. So, we are clear about our own behavioural values and shared ethos.

We value Trust, Hope, Love and Joy. We live up to our promises, we know that there is the potential for things to improve for any business, we genuinely care about building long-lasting relationships and having fun amongst the serious business.

We want to improve the lives of others, which is why we give a percentage of our profits to the Tricordant Foundation. The Tricordant Foundation then uses the funds to benefit carefully selected charities. We also financially support Climate Stewards, an international conservation organisation who help with offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions through supporting community projects in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Mexico.

Tricordant and BCorp

Tricordant is a certified BCorp, which requires member businesses to have social and environmental achievements. We are proud to have been one of the UK founder BCorps in 2015. It’s all about business being a force of good in the world, by benefiting employees, society and the environment. Those who are a certified BCorp are leading the global movement to redefine success in business.

In 2018, Tricordant was recognised as one of the top BCorps worldwide and consequently we were included in the ‘Best in the World’ list. Additionally, we are also on the ‘Workers Best for the World’ list. This means we are working hard as a BCorp leader.