“The Tricordant Organizational Design training was very relevant to the work of our Organizational Effectiveness team at Boehringer Ingelheim as it has equipped ourselves to ask the right questions, with a powerful set of tools to add greater value to the business.”

Angelika Nobbmann, Head of Global Organizational Effectiveness, Boehringer Ingelheim

To remain competitive your organisation needs to adapt in a rapidly changing environment. Based on Tricordant’s leadership in the field, Adaptive Design – Thriving in Uncertainty is a course which enables your people to reorganise the way they work and the organisation to rapidly adapt. Through the course participants will:

  • Increase their capability, credibility and confidence
  • Learn a proven approach and effective tools
  • Gain greater influence with leaders
  • Develop a roadmap for your business
  • Develop their own learning journey
  • Receive up to 6hrs of mentoring support for a project of your choice

Organisation Design Cycle

The programme framework is based on our rigorous organisation design cycle . The 3 phases include practical hands on experiential learning using real case studies, light touch teaching, and peer discussions. Delivered remotely in bite size chunks gives participants time to reflect, make sense of and apply the learnings to your organisation. Pre-readings will be provided for the participants to work through in preparation for the programme and daily discussions. We are able to adjust this course to better fit your needs if, needed.

“I am always one for ensuring I keep up to date on the latest thinking, and Organisational Design is one area where the thinking is always maturing. Delivered by a company I trust and learning off other like-minded people adds to the enjoyment as you know you’ll always come away with fresh insights. I am always seeking good CPD type events and this one ticks all the boxes for me, Adaptive Design will stretch the thinking, and being a visual leaner, the idea of getting hands on with learning about practical exercises appeals every time.”

Sandra Tinker, Commercial Operations Director at Condé Nast

Phase 1

After experiencing the importance of systems thinking the agenda will follow the above road map for designing organisations. Using role play and case studies, we will apply a range of best practice tools and approaches to explore the project initiation and diagnosis stages. We will use Mural, an online collaborative whiteboard, to explore the strategic environment and how to create a set of design criteria to deliver an organisation which is able to adapt and remain relevant in a complex changing environment. As part of this we will explore the principles behind the emerging organisational models such as agile organisation, networked, Haier, Holacracy, Sociocracy 3.0 “Peach Model”, Spotify Model, LiquidO and how these may be adopted.

Phase 2

Using case studies we will dive into the nitty-gritty of organisation design both from the human system perspective and from the role of the organisation designer. Through the case studies and participants’ own experiences we will explore the design and implementation stages. We will apply best practice tools and approaches intentionally organising around value, considering this from a top down operating model perspective and a process driven, bottom up perspective. We will explore integrating mechanisms to ensure a learning, adaptive and agile organisation is delivered.

Phase 3

This phase will complete the implementation stage looking at spans of control, role profile design etc. The participants will then explore the evaluation stage using tools such as 12 Tests of Whole and Healthy Organisation Design before moving into small groups to co-consulting on prior, current or planned projects. During this phase your people will develop a roadmap for your organisation and identify how each participant will continue their learning journey to ensure ongoing business impact. This may include reflection on the development of internal consulting skills and topics such as ‘use of self.’

“I loved the Adaptive Orgdesign with Lego Serious Play masterclass, this has given me a big piece of the jigsaw that compliments and make sense of all the other stuff I have picked up over the years. I am really keen to test out the ideas and have already made a number of changes to the way I work.”

Daniel Madge, Senior OD Practitioner, Aneurin Bevan UHB