The Opportunity

Our client is a major, globally recognized charity. Their UK arm has two key operational functions: raising funds (2017 – more than £300m) for distribution to their international partners, and campaigning on issues that impact on developing their beneficiaries.

The client faced three major challenges. Firstly, their approach to engaging the public was driven primarily by internal perceptions and priorities rather than external aspirations and energies. Secondly, the charity had a fragmented, uncoordinated relationship with its supporters, leading to poor supporter experience. And thirdly, a significant cost reduction challenge.

The client’s response was to completely transform the supporter experience through a digital transformation project.

The Tricordant Approach

The client had originally created two design teams and timetabled weekly design workshops for each. Building upon this pattern of work we agreed a process and toolset which fit for purpose to rapidly create a design through 17 design workshops over 9 weeks. We facilitated each workshop as the design progressed through 5 stages: discovery, design principles, functional analysis, future high-level design, and finally the detailed operating model including processes, structures, integrating mechanisms, governance, performance metrics and accountabilities, behaviours, skills and knowledge, captured in a single design document.

The collaborative design process brought together senior and middle managers into teams that were functioning across divisional boundaries, modelling the mechanisms and behaviours that were central to the new operating model. Individual mangers, knowing their own jobs may be at risk, set aside their personal anxieties to design the best structure that met the design criteria within the budget envelope allowed.

The Outcome

The ultimate outcome was the design, delivered on time, of an affordable operating model that was endorsed by the charity’s executive directors. HR consultation followed the endorsement and the design is being implemented.

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