The Opportunity

Flagship’s central contract with the Royal Navy requires them to meet tough service level requirements and strict financial saving gateways every year. Although substantial internal cost cutting exercises had been completed the next major financial gateway was looking difficult, £6M savings was needed within the next 6 months!

Tricordant were asked in to help them to rapidly make a breakthrough in efficiency through applying a ‘whole systems’ approach to their service provision and organisation design. Flagship did not just want to carry on shaving percentages off everything until services started to suffer; they wanted a ‘wholesome, intelligent and professional’ approach which would leave them healthier rather than just thinner.

The Tricordant Approach

Tricordant worked to an intense and deliberately tight 6-week programme culminating in a 3-day ‘Rapid Improvement Event’ (RIE) staged in the Officers Mess at HMS Collingwood. The Tricordant team spent 4 weeks in preparation visiting all the sites, interviewing staff at all levels from Base Commander to kitchen cleaners, mapping the main processes and understanding their unique organisation and relationship with the Royal Navy.

A final week of preparation involved the Tricordant team analysing their findings and starting to apply the Tricordant approach and tools to derive simple ‘guiding principles’ to take to the RIE event to help the Flagship managers unlock the way forward and make a significant step-change in efficiency and effectiveness.

The Outcome

The new organisation design was implemented within a 3-month period and £6.5M savings delivered before the next savings gateway.

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