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John Taylor


Getting that next big job can be a challenge.   You are doing ok in your career, but you have your eyes set on the next big job.  Maybe with your current employer or somewhere else.  But it just seems out of reach, yet you see others moving on.

Is there an issue?  With you!  Ouch, sorry if that hurt.

There are clear steps you can take to make it easier.  It starts with how you approach growth and improvement in your current role. The reality is you need to stand out from the crowd.  How do you stand out against competitors for a job or how does your business or team stand out against others?

Luck can sometimes play a part, but real winners make their luck.  Its time to stand out from the crowd; don’t be just another leader, manager, director; be the one who makes things happen and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes we can just be in the right place at the right time; but the best leaders position themselves for this kind of success.  They know opportunities arise and they prepare for it.

Remember there can only be one winner – let it be you!

Here’s a great tip: The best leaders position themselves for success.

The consultants in Tricordant have been there.  We’ve been leaders in organisations and faced the same challenges.  We use our experience to help leaders in a wide range of businesses and organisations set themselves up for success.

In Tricordant’s free e-book ‘5 Winning Ideas to improve your Business Results’ the first idea is what I call Top Drawer based on the sense of the most valuable things being kept in the top drawer. Prior to the digital age I always kept my future plans in my top drawer, hence the name.

For each of the winning ideas we have also produced a short video and some further written material delivered by email to help guide you to achieve results and continued success.

In the book I use the example of when I was an IT Director and asked my team to draw up a shopping list of all the hardware we needed to totally re-equip the organisation we worked in.  They thought I was crazy but did what I asked. Their views changed when just before the end of the financial year we got word of extra capital monies becoming available.  That same day our bid was in and we got several millions to buy new servers, laptops etc.  In a matter of months, I went from crazy man to hero.

What’s your equivalent?  Maybe you work in a sector where these kind of windfalls come each year – so make a plan to grab some cash. Perhaps get two or three of your key team members together and do some what if thinking.  Plan to take advantage of positive situations and to avoid the consequences of negative ones.  Be the hero leader that has a plan that turns potential disaster into a victory because you thought things through ahead of time.

This is how you stand out and get noticed.  Let your actions and successes speak louder than anything else.  Be the person in the right place at the right time, the person with the well worked out plan.  Be the leader that is personally growing, leading a team that is growing and is seeing exceptional growth results in their business.

Get that next big job by being recognised as a Top Drawer leader

Its time to plan your business improvement strategy and at the same time plan how you are going to stand out from the crowd.  When you get the improvement bug it is infectious, truly contagious.  Spread it across your team and just see how many great ideas come up.

Getting started on your improvement journey has 3 simple action steps:

  1. Read the e-book and watch the videos
  2. Decide which improvement idea you want to start with
  3. Be a successful leader focused on growth and improvement

So, take the first step today: download and read the e-book then watch the videos

Within an hour you can be on your way to feeling like you are growing, knowing results will follow and you will be seen as a standout leader.


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