When businesses, organisations and governments make key decisions they often do not think about the impact on the health of their people. Extensive research shows that when the human element is left out of organisation design the negative impact on the organisation and its customers is likely to be significant. Culture can become toxic; effort is at minimum standards, there is little employee ownership of issues, and business performance suffers.

“Inflexible work content and patterns, and rigid hierarchies, can impact health and reduce life span by c.10years!”

On 19th May 2020 we held a network event exploring the research demonstrating how designing for organisational health is fundamental to meaningful work for people and good for business. Our client Claudia Adreani, Business Head of Customer Excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim described a recent piece of work to highlight how designing for organisational health is brought to life.

If you missed this event, why not watch it?

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