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John Taylor


So many businesses are not growing, and neither are their leaders.  I understand this can be so difficult and it’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, especially when there is stuff coming at you from every direction.

But stop. Do you realise if you are not growing you are not even standing still; you are actually in decline?  As William S Burroughs is quoted as saying ‘If you are not growing you are dying’.

Faced with this are we going to do something about it or just bury our head in the sand; another I’ll start tomorrow commitment.  Watch out because competitors are just behind you.

I started by talking about businesses, but my definition here covers all sizes and shapes of business, organisations, departments, and leadership roles.  Competition isn’t just other businesses but those who may be seeking your job or the next job you hope to get.  Remember, its tough out there so it really is time to act.

My top tip is:  Successful leaders focus on growth and improvement

Its time to grow, to improve your business and your leadership in the process

Whether you work in the public or private sector, a large or small company, you are a Director or Owner or a Senior Department Manager you must be working on improvement.

You may have thought that improvement was just for the specialists, especially if you work in a large organisation with improvement teams.  But no, its for every leader.  Every leader must have an improvement and growth focus.

As a leader its your responsibility to lead; whether one team or an entire organisation.  A major element of leading is growing and improving the business.  If you don’t take the lead who will?  You cannot leave business growth to chance.  Chances are it won’t happen, and you get decline instead.

No doubt you have a lot of skills, that’s what has got you to where you are today BUT real and ongoing growth is not about you alone.  Its about how you get the best out of those who work with you and the wider network or system you are part of.

You may be one of those leaders who have never really thought about growth or improvement; worse still you may even be scared of it – scared of change, comfortable as you are.  But its time to face up to the fact it won’t last forever.  Remember, if you are not growing you are dying!

You may need some help to work on underlying assumptions that can be impacting your life and leadership. In the world of organisation development one of the key principles we work by is that what we ‘see’ in behaviours and actions is shaped by what we ‘say’ and is ultimately rooted in what we ‘believe’.  If that is you then Tricordant can help.

Are you up for it; to work on growing and improving?  Help is at hand.

Each year Tricordant help leaders in businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes to grow and improve.  We understand the struggles and the challenges you face that can lead to sleepless nights and difficult decisions.  Pressure to make decisions that could negatively impact you, your team, and your business if you get it wrong.  We want to support you to get it right.

We have written a short Tricordant Guide e-book ‘5 Winning Ideas to Improve Your Business Results’ which has 6 great starter ideas for you – 6 because we added an extra bonus one for those who really want to go for it.

For each of the winning ideas we have also produced a short video and some further written material delivered by email to help guide you to achieve results and continued success.

Its time to grow, to improve your business and your leadership in the process.


Getting started on your improvement journey has 3 simple action steps:

1. Read the e-book and watch the videos

2. Decide which improvement idea you want to start with

3. Be a successful leader focused on growth and improvement


So, take the first step today: download and read the e-book then watch the videos.

Within an hour you can be on your way to feeling like you are growing, knowing results will follow.


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