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John Taylor


Ordinary isn’t good enough in business today; the quest is for added value and the remarkable.

Do you have an improvement strategy, a plan to be remarkable and is growth your focus?

Let me remind you of a top tip I gave in the first video in this series

‘Successful leaders focus on growth and Improvement’ – why do they do this; because they know that standing still is not an option.  If your business is not growing you are in decline/starting to die.

If you want to succeed then you have no option but to focus on improvement. I make no apologies for repeating over and over again that unless you are improving and growing you are already in decline; maybe even dying.

Great leaders build strong teams around them full of people they trust and who trust them.  Through this trust they can and do achieve remarkable things.

Leading a team or a business can be a real challenge for many people. Especially if there are people in the team who are smart go-getters and determined to move on.  How do you work with them, keep them motivated and also develop the rest of the team?  Not always easy.

Be honest with yourself, are you really leading the team?  You may have the job title and lead team meetings but are you really leading.  Too often leaders can be distant and remote, tied up with their own agendas and then wonder why they are not getting the best out of their people.

If you can identify with some or all of that then you probably need a bit of help and advice to refocus and become a great team leader not just the person with the senior job title or grade.

In your leadership role you will be facing a barrage, a headwind, of challenges.  Often you won’t know which way is up; fighting to keep the day to day running – never mind working on improvement and growth.   At Tricordant we understand this, and we work with leaders of all types of businesses and organisations to help with improvement, leadership, and a wide range of other organisational issues.  We get it; you know there is a BUT coming. Here it is.  But you have to find a way – it is essential for the survival of your business.

Help is at hand.

I have written a short Tricordant Guide e-book ‘5 Winning Ideas to Improve Your Business Results’ with great ideas to help leaders grow and improve.  Improvement is not just for specialists but for every leader serious about developing themselves, their team, and their business. If you want to succeed then you have no option but to focus on improvement and growth.

For each of the winning ideas I have also produced a short video and some further written material delivered by email to help guide you to achieve results and continued success.

In the e-book I called the second idea ‘Quarter Challenge’ because its basically about challenging your team to deliver a great new improvement solution every quarter.  This is a method I have successfully used many times throughout my career as an operational business leader and a consultant.

But here’s the rub, its also to challenge you in your leadership as to how you will work with the team and receive their ideas.  Every bit as important as the improvement solutions they come up with is what is happening to you, each of them, and your working relationship as a team.

And the huge added benefit is that it will also help you develop your team leadership and joint trust. You will understand how you can you let go and let your team come up with improvement ideas.  How you can take the critique around areas they want to change.  It will develop your strength of character and resilience to go with it.

I encourage you to demonstrate how much you trust others to lead and you are willing to play the support role; even taking on menial tasks; getting dirty hands so to speak.  If you can do this successfully you will not only get the benefits of the improvement idea, but you will take your team relationships and leadership to a whole new level of success.

Yes, I am talking about improvement challenges, but I am also talking about improvements in your leadership.  Groups will be more effective if you join them as a team member and not the leader.

If you can do this successfully you will not only get the benefits of the improvement idea, but you will take your team relationships and leadership to a whole new level of success.

Give the Quarter Challenge a go and find out.

Its time to grow, to improve your business and your leadership in the process.

Getting started on your improvement journey has 3 simple action steps:

  1. Read the e-book and watch the videos
  2. Decide which improvement idea you want to start with
  3. Be a successful leader focused on growth and improvement

So, take the first step today: download and read the e-book then watch the videos

Within an hour you can be on your way to feeling like you are growing, knowing results will follow and you are on a path to achieving remarkable things.


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