Number 9

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Last time I left you with asking what you have done with what you have learned about yourself over the years?

Has it just become some buzz words for the CV? A defensive explanation? Unresolved angst? Or maybe you have dug deeper.

As Lewis Carroll wrote “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

One of the areas for reflection is our social identity. In the diverse world we live in, how do we identify ourselves, and how do others see us? How does our social identity frame how we see others? What first impressions or ‘pre-judging’ may lie beneath this? A short journey, like our black and other BAME friends, will tell us, to prejudice and racism.

How are we showing up?

We all wear multiple hats, depending on the context. For example, we might be seen by others through the lens of family, friendship, or team. Through each lens, people have different expectations of us, based on who they know or think we are. But we do as well.

What do we notice from each of the roles we play?

What’s grabbing our attention? How is it framed by our social background, upbringing, and professional formation?

My invitation to you is to stop and put on the lenses of others.

Consider a new ‘role’ or perspective. Perhaps look at things as if you were a customer or client? Maybe not as the leader with power and influence but as a new starter? How can we ask others what it’s like from their viewpoint?

What does it feel like to live and work as a black man or women in your organisation? Or someone with a visible or hidden disability? If that’s not you, how can you create a safe space to connect and listen?

What do we see when we listen to others and see through their eyes?

Alastair Mitchell-Baker
Director of Tricodant 

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