Alastair Mitchell-Baker


Number 10

Hi! 👐

Are you growing in self-awareness?

As Shakespeare’s Polonius said in Hamlet,

“This above all: To thine own self be true.” 

Knowing ourselves and being comfortable in who we are, including our wounds, our brokenness and general idiosyncrasies, creates the space for others to be themselves.

I’d encourage you to dust off those psychometric tests, be brave and seek out feedback, perhaps even consider finding a good coach, taking up journaling or book some retreat time.

Let me share something about myself. It wasn’t until I did the MBTI test for the second or third time that I realised and owned, I was what they call a ‘pressure prompted planner.’ Of course, I’m a logical planner but at the last minute, maybe on only on the way to a big workshop would I work out what we were going to. Worked for me. But a nightmare for colleagues who liked to ‘have their ducks in a row’. I realised I had to change my behaviour to allow others to give of their best.

Be clear who you are in all your wonderful diversity and difference.

Alastair Mitchell-Baker
Director of Tricodant 

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