The world is increasingly complex and rapidly changing, this in turn is creating risks and opportunities for your organisation. So where do you start and how do you rapidly translate your ambitions into reality for your organisation to “be both healthy and high performing” in a dynamic world?

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But that’s not the only challenge…

  • What’s worked in the past doesn’t anymore
  • Your organisation seems stuck
  • Your people don’t have the necessary expertise or capacity
  • Without change you won’t hit your numbers
  • Your people hold huge unrealised potential
  • People are looking to you for answers…now!

We are leaders in this field and organisation design is our speciality. People come to us because they need real organisation design expertise and a powerful but pragmatic design process that fits their need.

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With Tricordant you will be able to;

Release your peoples potential

Realise your ambitions

Be recognised as a Deliverer

Delight your customers

5 Keys to Designing Slim Structures

  • 5 Keys to Designing Slim Structures Download

Designing for Ambition

Organisation Design Self-Assessment

In your leadership role you will be facing a barrage, a headwind, of challenges. In fact the market, customer needs, technology, government policy and your people are all changing so fast, it can be difficult to keep on top of all that needs to be done. Your people are looking to you to guide and make the right decisions.

We are leaders in this field and organisation design is our speciality. People come to us because they need real organisation design expertise. We work across a wide range of market sectors, and with different size organisations allowing us to both look at your organisation with fresh eyes and advise on effective practices. Clients include: Boehringer Ingelheim, Beiersdorf, Skipton Building Society, Companies House, Office of Rail and Road, Government Office for Science, NHS, and Oxfam.

We have worn your shoes, we know how challenging but also how rewarding this work can be. That’s what gives us an edge when it comes to our work with you. We don’t just know the theory, we feel it too!

We are leaders in the field of organisation design, including leading and contributing to the professional communities within this field.

We will work with you and your teams to make sense of your organisations complexity and how to make practical changes that will have real impact.

We have a practical but powerful approach to help you realise your organisations ambitions and have real impact. We continually enhance our approach through ongoing research into emerging innovations, and best practice.

“I would like to express our appreciation for the great work Tricordant delivered! Organisation Design is one of our key challenges in BDF and we feel much more equipped with the practical tools and insightful discussions. More importantly, we have formed a community who are facing the similar challenges and could share and support each other! Thank you for all the efforts!”

Helena Hao, Global Talent and Development Manager, Beiersdorf

“In the context of a changing environment and wanting to be setup for success Tricordant helped us to merge two business functions to level up BI’s customer excellence. The Tricordant team provided a high engagement approach, trusted advice, helpful challenge and a flexible but robust organisation design framework to follow. The project has substantially increased our staff engagement, built ownership of our purpose, developed strong endorsement from leadership, and we have become true partners for, and increased our value add to the business.”

Claudia Adreani, Business Head Customer Excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd

“Delivered by a company I trust and learning off other like minded people adds to the enjoyment as you know you’ll always come away with fresh insights. I am always seeking good CPD type events and this one ticks all the boxes for me, Adaptive Design will stretch the thinking, and being a visual leaner, the idea of getting hands on with learning about practical exercises appeals every time.”

Sandra Tinker, Commercial Operations Director at Condé Nast

More about our services

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Case Study

Operating Model Transformation for Oxfam GB

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We work at pace to make a real difference, allowing your organisation to deliver its goals.

We have multisector expertise allowing us to provide innovative ideas and advise on effective practices.

We help our clients make wise choices to deliver a significant return on investment, for one of our clients for every £1 invested £100 savings were returned, making the initial investment in consultancy seem insignificant.

We go beyond just engagement to ensure your people feel truly included and empowered while focussing on delivering your organisations needs. We combine our tools and experience with your knowledge to help you decide your future.

We will help you to:

  • Redesign your organisation to deliver your ambitious vision while remaining adaptable to thrive in an uncertain environment
  • Build commitment and engagement in a contagious vision for change
  • Release the inherent potential within your organisation
  • Deliver impact and realise your own ambitions

5 Keys to Designing Slim Structures

Designing for Ambition

Organisation Design Health Assessment

If you recognise your organisation is limping along why don’t you complete an Organisation Design Health Assessment? Upon completion a standardised report will be emailed to you.

Organisation Design Health Assessment