Organisational Health drives higher performance

Every year Tricordant works with the University of Edinburgh Business School to create mutually beneficial ideas for research. MSc students on the HRM course then select the idea they would like to investigate for their dissertation.

This years research focus is to:

Develop a research-based organisational health assessment


Organisational Health has always been at the heart of Tricordants thinking and practice. Organisational health is important because if organisations intentionally work to become healthy, many benefits are realised including:

  • Higher organisational performance
  • Meaningful work and job satisfaction
  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Better quality of work-life balance
  • More positive climate and transformational culture
  • More open to innovation
  • Lower incidence of management misbehaviours
  • Improved adaptability


Through our own practice and study we have developed an organisational design health assessment. However we have recently commissioned research by the Oxford Review to explore the state of Organisational Health. Through this research we’ve noted that our assessment could be improved to look more holistically at organisations.

This year, Lydia Sokou, has selected our idea to Develop a research-based organisational health assessment. This will include:

  • a literature research to build upon the research by the Oxford Review
  • Creation of a more holistic, research-based organisational health assessment
  • Live testing of the research-based organisational health assessment
  • Dissertation writing and aesthetic refinement of the assessment


We are seeking participants who would be willing to complete the research-based organisational health assessment and be interviewed by Lydia. We envisage this will take approximately 60mins of your time in total.

Contact us to participate or learn more.

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Lydia Sokou is currently enrolled as an MSc student at the University of Edinburgh, and she specializes in Human Resource Management. In her studies, Lydia is focusing on employment relations and organisational behaviour while also furthering her knowledge on talent management. She graduated with honours from the University of Crete in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. The main area she conducted research at her undergraduate degree was CSR, and specifically the corporate social responsibility issues, actions, and footprint in Greek banks.
While being a student, Lydia completed two internships. In 2018, she did an internship as a back-office digital expert at the Digital Channels Department of Eurobank Ergasias SA. In 2019, Lydia also worked as an HR intern at Goldair Handling which is considered one of the leading suppliers of ground handling services in South East Europe. From this experience, she learned the value of hard work, efficiency, and communication. Lydia is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. When she is not busy reading about current trends in HR, Lydia enjoys volunteering as a class agent of HAEF high school seniors 2016. Additionally, she is a global bone marrow donor volunteer at Orama Elpidas. In her free time, Lydia likes hiking, doing yoga and baking for friends and family.