The Headwind of Ambitious Government Priorities

The Government is expecting central organisations to be ready to perform at a higher level.

You have frustration with traditional Civil Service hierarchy, culture and ways of working inhibiting these ambitions – and uncertain over your job role, competitive pressure from peers and other Government organisations.

And you know, citizens deserve excellent Government services. The cost of being held back must be avoided.

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1. Release Inherent Potential

2. Realise Ambitious Impact

3. Recognised as a Deliverer

It shouldn’t be this hard to make a real impact. There has always been potential within your organisation. It’s tough to get the organisation design right, so this potential is released, and your organisation can continuously adapt to thrive within a competitive environment.

We are currently working on similar projects, and have worked with many departments and executive agencies of HMG including the Cabinet Office, the Government Office for Science, Department for Transport – the Office of Rail and Road, Companies House, NHSI, Department of Health, Health Education England. We also have multi-sector expertise allowing us to both bring in fresh ideas on effective practices.

We have worn your shoes. We know how challenging but also how rewarding this work can be. That’s what gives us an edge when it comes to our work with you. We don’t know the theory, we feel it!

We are leaders in the field of organisation design, including leading and contributing to the professional communities within this field.

We will work with you and your teams to make sense of your organisation’s complexity and how to make practical changes that will have a real impact.

We enhance our approach through ongoing research into emerging innovations, and best practice, e.g. we support dissertation research subjects for MSC students at Edinburgh University, comparative analysis of other approaches, reflect on our practice.

1.Complete an organisational design health assessment

2.Review recommendations based on the results

3.Deliver at the next level

We know as a leader in central Government, you are faced with an ongoing headwind of challenges to meet the ambitions of the Government while delivering citizens needs today. Decisions need to be made, and there’s never enough time to think, never mind engage consultants to help you. We get it. We provide that vital thinking space together with the experience of having done this work for years to help you make wise choices. Our clients appreciate the speed we work, rapidly assessing their organisation to develop impactful recommendations that enable their organisations to transform.

We find the wise choices we help our clients make have a significant return on investment, for one of our clients for every £1 invested £100 savings were returned, making the initial investment in consultancy seem insignificant.

We go beyond just engagement to ensure your people feel truly included and empowered while focussing on delivering your organisations needs. We combine our tools and experience with your knowledge with helping you decide your future.

We will help you to:

  • Redesign your organisation to deliver the Government ambitions while remaining adaptable to thrive in an uncertain environment
  • Build commitment and engagement in a contagious vision for change?/service?
  • Release the inherent potential within your organisation
  • Deliver impact and realise your ambitions.