The world is increasingly complex and rapidly changing, this in turn is creating risks and opportunities for your organisation with people looking to you for the answer…now!

So where do you start and how do you rapidly translate your strategic ideas into reality for your organisation to be both healthy and high performing?

Our experienced consultants will work with you to create a bespoke and holistic approach that will design meaningful and purpose-driven work which results in the creation of  extraordinary teams and ultimately in a healthy and high-performing organisation.

Uniquely, we take a holistic approach which integrates, as a minimum, best practice thinking from organisation development and workforce planning; allowing our organisation design solutions to be pragmatic and powerful interventions that deliver meaningful and productive outcomes.

Tricordant has designed organisational solutions across a wide range of market sectors including commercial, public sector and not for profit. This has given us experience solving a host of organisational problems including translating strategies and models into organisational realities, solving organisational tensions, realigning teams, restructuring costs and digital enablement.

Working with you we want to provide real help and be seen as generous partners; going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of you, our client. Most often this is through the wide range of experience and knowledge that our professional consultants can impart to you and your teams, even in those water cooler moments.

What Is Organisation Design?

The European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) defines organisation design as being “a systematic and holistic approach to aligning and fitting together all parts of an organisation to achieve its defined strategic purpose”. This definition makes up the foundations of our service offering.

Organisation design then is about approaching an organisation as a whole and ensuring all elements work together in the best possible way, taking a holistic approach rather than focusing in on individual aspects. Significant within this is understanding the role of the workforce and how to create meaningful, yet productive, work. Using the Tricordant tried and tested methodology allows the production of design solutions that will enable this and your organisation’s ability to achieve its goals.