Do you face a real challenge in knowing how to truly engage with your staff; build retention and attract new recruits?  If so, you are not alone, and Tricordant can help you.

When businesses, organisations and governments make strategic decisions they often do not think about the emotional health of the people they affect.  When the human element is left out of strategic planning, entire societies can be hurt.

Tricordant work with thought leaders, businesses and organisations across public, private and voluntary sectors to consider and develop strategic actions that create effective results whilst also benefitting people. We support organisations, through co-creating strategic plans, to develop and be more effective while also allowing for human flourishing.

The phrase ‘people are our most important asset’ is much used; but not always in connection to positive benefits for the people.  Our experience is that where the positive does happen the organisation delivers significant benefits not only for their people but other major KPI measures.

Given the pressures on today’s leaders; especially within the public sector, working in complex, dynamic organisational systems there is a genuine dilemma in respect of how to best serve the needs of ‘our most important asset’ and maximise, for example, productivity.  All too often we ‘get what we get because we do what we have always done’; playing around at the edges with refinements to the age-old ideas which continue to be frustratingly ineffective.

Research studies have shown a strong correlation between low productivity and ill health with a range of work factors such as inflexible work patterns and lack of self-direction.

At a time when we are ever more conscious of the environmental harm we are causing; surely now is the time for organisation leaders to consider the potential damage their work systems may be doing to their employees!

The action an individual organisation can take will depend on their unique circumstances; which is why when we work with clients, we always co-create a bespoke solution.  We bring our market knowledge and consultancy expertise and blend it with the clients detailed organisation understanding; creating a needs specific solution then guiding towards successful outcomes.

An organisation is a system and so is a human being; having mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well as the deep need for identity, meaning and purpose.  Most current models of ‘health at work’ only relate to some of these aspects.  At Tricordant we believe in a wide ‘whole system’ view of a healthy job.  We are here to support you overcome your challenge and experience the success of healthy, engaged and productive work teams.  Just an email or call away for an initial find out more chat.

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