Service improvement is an integral part of moving your business forward. It’s important to remember when reviewing your existing service offering that a sustainable long-term plan is to be prioritised over smaller, unmanageable changes.

Our experienced consultants operate under a questioning and diagnostic approach – providing clients with unique insights into the situations they face. Not all challenges may be immediately clear, and it’s the role of our consultants to help your team build a good understanding of where to begin when redesigning services.

Our Approach to Service Improvement

At Tricordant, we use a variety of service improvement methods to help clients diagnose which areas of their organisations are impacted by specific challenges. Often the true areas of focus in a redesign are not in an immediate presenting problem, and our experts can provide clarity and establish the root of the issues.

Our consultants specialise in a client-centric approach – taking the time to learn about your business, understand your inner-workings and goals and improve your service accordingly. We deliver both digital and traditional strategies, dependent on your service requirements – and can help you identify channels that will improve your existing and future service offerings.

Our Experience with Service Improvement

Tricordant consultants have significant senior leadership and operational backgrounds, as well as a wide range of consultancy experience. This includes key areas such as Lean, Six Sigma, Quality Management, Improvement Methodology and Process Improvement. This unique combination gives us detailed understanding of all aspects of service improvement and redesign. We are able to satisfy a wide range of client requirements, regardless of size or industry and work with companies across all sectors including private, public and not-for-profit.

Getting Started with Service Improvement

Once your strategy and service redesign has been created (which we can help you with as well), we assist with the practical implementation and change management of your organisation.

We help as extensively as you require operating on a flexible basis – from ad hoc consultancy, through to full end-to-end programme management. We have a number of skilled Programme Managers and Project Managers, who are there to oversee and manage successful implementations that can include establishing and running your PMO. Our consultants will communicate with and report to you on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure that you are well informed on how the work is progressing.

At Tricordant we are passionate about the unlimited potential that properly designed and managed change has to improve your organisation. That is why we support all of our work through recognised methodologies, outcomes planning and detailed data evaluation, with tangible action steps produced at each stage. We take a ‘whole system’ approach, ensuring attention is paid not just to basic process but also to the people, culture and behaviours that make up and significantly influence your organisational performance.

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Tricordant’s unique strength is their depth of knowledge of the methodology and experience in applying it across a variety of organisations – all highly credible, which is vital when introducing such an approach in an organisation unused to structured change.

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