At Tricordant, we believe clear and relevant strategies are key to organisations achieving their vision and goals. In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex and chaotic across all sectors, robust strategic planning is essential for success.

Today, commercial businesses and public services are focused on agility and driving transformation, in the midst of often highly complex and unpredictable environments. Our approach to strategy supports you in understanding and planning a way through complexity to achieve your vision whilst learning to respond to the unexpected and developing your own organisational capability. We believe the strategy development process, in itself, is a key organisational learning opportunity. As Eisenhower said: ‘Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.’ 

Traditionally, strategies have been seen as long-term corporate exercises handed down from company headquarters or government departments. However, Tricordant brings a modern approach; combining insights and analysis with a creative flair to equip you with the tools you need to create powerful and innovative strategies with wide support and the power to transform your organisation.

Our Approach

Experts in strategic planning, our experienced consultants have worked with clients of many shapes and sizes in various sectors to help release their greatness.  We guide you confidently through a defined process, adapted for your particular needs, that results in a bespoke strategy to achieve your goals. We’ll equip you with the skills you need to develop a flexible long term strategic plan, giving you the ability to adapt and respond to any challenges that may be around the corner.

Working with your own internal team, our consultants combine industry and consultancy expertise with your unrivalled understanding of your own situation to help develop a comprehensive strategy that reflects your vision and mission. We use a mix of data-driven and qualitative insights to ensure that your strategy is robust and can be confidently trusted to guide your future development. 

Organisational Strategy Specialists

At Tricordant, our consultants have a huge amount of experience designing strategies for organisations. We’re passionate about delivering outstanding plans, mapping out your goals and creating a clear path to achieving them. Working with you, our experts will develop with you and your teams a strategy that accurately reflects and responds to your situation. All of the resulting implementation plans are bespoke to each organisation or business, with practical models and support that enable transition from paper to real life application.

We help you to develop a living, responsive strategy at speed, by:

  • Making sense together of complex environments, systems, relationships and data.
  • Building partnerships between stakeholders, brokering difficult conversations and helping to manage differences.
  • Creating a common language and concepts that everyone can embrace. ‘People own what they create.’
  • Bringing strategy to life, focussing on making a difference for all individuals; service users, customers and staff alike.
  • Scenario planning, allowing you to prepare for tomorrow by envisioning and preparing for different futures, today.
  • Identifying how you can join things up across your organisation to help make your strategy happen, around for example organisation design, workforce development and planning, key processes and systems, and culture change.
  • Using tried and tested tools, experience and expert knowledge around change and project management to work alongside your team and enable them to develop and build on your strategy.
  • Defining the most effective methodology for immediate and sustained change.

Excel With Strategy Development

Our consultants can help you implement your strategy, supporting the integration of your plan within your existing culture. We advise on service redesign if necessary and ensure that your strategy will be received effectively by both internal and external audiences.

Whatever your business or service offering, success relies heavily on strategy. Without one, it’s difficult for you to move forward with speed.

A defined strategy ensures clarity for the present, and a driving force to achieve your future vision.

Working with...

selection of recent clients

I have used Alastair from Tricordant on many occasions to facilitate complex discussions with multi-disciplinary teams across the Trust. I have always found him to be extremely credible with an ability to engage clinical audiences effectively and to deliver required outcomes to a high standard. I have also benefited from utilising Alastair for strategic advice, particularly in the area of out of hospital care, and have appreciated his in-depth knowledge and sound judgment on many occasions. He is a pleasure to work with.

Dylan Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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