Your people are your most valuable asset. But how do you ensure that the value they bring is aligned with the capability and capacity you need to achieve your future business objectives? The answer is Strategic Workforce Planning, a systemic approach that delivers strategic impact by aligning workforce capability with business need.

The capability to develop and implement workforce plans is as crucial to your business as the capability to plan your business activities and manage your finances. But whilst you may sense that Strategic Workforce Planning is something you need to be doing well, you may be struggling to articulate and communicate the value that it could bring, to develop and implement, or even to decide where to start. Here at Tricordant, we can help you with any or all of these challenges.

What are the benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning?

Strategic Workforce Planning enables your business to devise and execute your strategy in the confidence that you will have, in your people, the capacity and capability you need, when you need it, at a cost you can afford.

Strategic Workforce Planning enables you to be agile.   Our clients often tell us that their environment and business drivers are changing so quickly that they cannot plan, not least because they cannot see the future.   But a business that knows instinctively how to plan and execute rapid change has the agility it needs to adapt, sustain, and thrive.

Strategic Workforce Planning has significant benefits for your people, and those you work with, by strengthening your employee value proposition.

Strategic Workforce Planning at Tricordant

We work alongside you to design and embed Strategic Workforce Planning into the DNA of your organisation, and to develop clear, actionable, affordable and measurable plans to build the workforce capacity and capability that you need in the future to deliver your strategy.

Our specialist team has significant experience as Strategic Workforce Planning practitioners, gained from workforce planning roles in large, complex organisations, and on consulting engagements. We have worked with a wide range of private, public, and not for profit sector organisations, nationally and internationally.

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Tricordant supported me in a large organisational redesign, establishing a dedicated engineering function and implementing a far-reaching change across the business. Tricordant was a huge asset to the programme.

Engineering Director, Rail

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