However your organisation comes up with strategy, chances are there will be a strong emphasis on financial and operational goals. But as the saying goes “what about the people?”. It’s not always easy to say what a new strategy will actually mean in terms of your people or their roles – or the impacts of transitioning people into different ways of working – and the list goes on!

Tricordant can help you to work through the list, helping you to ask the right questions and get involved in the right conversations that result in solid plans for a sustainable workforce that can really deliver on your strategic aims.

Why you may need external help

Re-visiting strategy can have many impacts on the way that your organisation manages its people; it could be limited to small role changes, but it could also be a completely new Operating Model. A change in direction for your organisation may even require a change in the way you deliver HR – the way you organise your own resources.

We know that you won’t always have the full range of specialist skills in your HR team for this type of work. But going outside for help can feel like a big risk – do you go to one the large Consulting firms, knowing that their costs will be high and that your access to the real experts will be strictly limited? Or do you go for a smaller business like Tricordant, with the risk that your senior colleagues won’t support you because they’ve never heard of us?

Tricordant has built up a team of talented and experienced consultants with a wide range of capabilities to support you when you face new or unusual challenges. We carefully choose the people that work with us to make sure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge, proven skills and a broad portfolio of client work behind them. But most importantly, we choose people that you will be comfortable working with. People that build working relationships on firm foundations, people that care about your organisation and people that believe that it’s more important to support you than to make themselves look good.

We know that using external help is a sensitive area of investment, but we believe that our support should be used wisely and sparingly and only when it is really needed.

How we could help you

We can help in five broad service areas:

Operating Model and Organisation Design – helping you to rapidly translate your strategic ideas into organisational reality – healthy, high performing and sustainable

Resourcing Strategy (some clients prefer the term “Strategic Workforce Planning”) – ensuring that the capabilities your people bring is fully aligned with the needs of your business objectives

Strategy for HR – how the HR team functions, its roles in delivering people strategy and its influences on how people are managed

Analytics and Modelling – well designed analytics allow leaders, managers and HR professionals to focus on the key people issues without having to be data analysts or IT experts

Organisation Development – Building healthy, sustainable and effective organisations

Developing HR Business Partners – within the context of the business, taking account of business identity, strategy, internal ways of working and perhaps most crucially, culture

We use these five service areas as a way to describe our capabilities. We always shape what we actually do, and how we do it, around your own particular needs and your business context.

Thank you for the work you did in helping us with our strategic review of Learning and Development within the council. You really helped us to get to grips with the key issues and provided us with great insights into the latest thinking around Learning and Development as well as invaluable pointers to what other organisations are doing in this area. From a personal perspective, I really appreciated the way you came along side us and supported us as individuals and as a project team whilst maintaining a very “human” face in your relationships with us. It has been a pleasure working with Tricordant again

Sarah Getley , Head of OD and Interim Head of HR

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