The redesign and development of new Integrated Care Systems is an opportunity to create integrated care around the needs of people and communities.

Faced with ‘living with and beyond Covid’, workforce shortages, continued financial austerity and conflicting national policy there is an inevitable ever-increasing pressure to do more with less.

We all want to see everyone benefit from well organised care and meaningful work, delivering a triple bottom line of better care, use of resources and healthier work.  So how you design the Future ICS organisation to make integrated care a reality for local people given the complexities and tensions?

We have 7 key insights to share with you from our work over many years in health and care.

All developed through dialogue and engagement around clear vision. True systems leadership in action.

Our 7 key insights are;

  • Why, why, why? – Ensure shared clarity of purpose around the needs of patients and communities,
  • Dual purpose design – resourcing multiple purposes,
  • Mind the gaps – understanding and respecting difference,
  • Design Principles – translating strategic clarity,
  • Identify and manage the tensions – or they will manage you,
  • Make the right thing the easy thing – enabling processes, and
  • Build trust momentum – growing systems leadership.


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